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About us

About us

The Shear Master has been in business for 20+ years. We are a small business; owned and operated by Mr. Ollie Kari (Ollie as he is known to folks) who has, and still does today, travel most all of the New England Region. Ollie started his business sharpening scissors and is well known in the region’s salons for his expert sharpening. This gave him the unique opportunity to talk with stylists and colorists of varying backgrounds and degrees of skill, as well as the chance to study in detail, the workings of hair salons, both the high and low end salons.

What he noticed was what seemed a huge waste of time in the foiling process.

So around 1996-1997 in his spare time, he set out to prove that indeed this perceived waste of time did indeed exist by designing and building a prototype FastFoiling system. This allowed him to both see it and prove he could solve this problem. He also applied for and was granted a patent on his design. In 1998 he had the first working dispenser with a patent pending which was granted.

After several iterations of the FastFoiling dispensers that were well received by many of his customer salons in the N. E. area and who gave him further feed back on what they did and did not like. He designed our PRO dispenser which is the culmination of that effort!
As of today, Ollie has been awarded two patents from his work on this project.

This patented dispenser is a world class dispenser, unmatched in quality or in guarantee by anyone in the industry throughout the world that we have seen to date (as of September 20, 2005).

Ollie is so certain that you will save time and money by learning to use this foil dispenser and patented “one handed method” over boxed foil, that it’s part of his guarantee to his customers. If you’ve not read it; yet please click here: guarantee.

Ollie operates out of Northbridge Massachussets. To contact him (us) just click on any contact us link on our site.

fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

Last updated: Thursday, December 06, 2012