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PRO foil dispenser package: $289.00
This is the primo foil dispenser, it was designed and developed for colorists and stylists who do a lot of foiling to save them time and effort. It is the ultimate evolution in foil dispensers, both in style and performance. It has three bowl attachments at optimum locations, and a small footprint! We include 4 mixing bowls and 2 extra Long foiling combs and a 5lb roll of foil. Are you a first time user? Try the PRO! Check out our Guarantee!

Our patented method takes about 10 minutes to learn and 2 full foilings to master.
After that our typical clients have cut their time to foil by about 20%, a few say as much as 50%. Our patented method of one handed use offered by our PRO dispenser will require some practice by new users. You will be acquiring a new skill that will enable you to foil faster than you ever thought possible! And your assistant is free for other chores! No assistant? No problem! Now you have time for those other chores!

Pro Package above bundled with cart: $389.00 (save $20.00)

Need a second PRO system? PRO Dispenser only:

M2 Dispenser: $165.00
M2: Pkg price with 2 combs and 5Lb. roll of foil: $209.00

M4 Dispenser: $215.00
M4: Pkg price with 2 combs and 5Lb. roll of foil: $259.00

Premium Quality foil rolls for dispensers: $43.95 ea.
Our premium salon quality foil rolls are available in light, medium, and heavy gauges. Our most popular foil is the light gauge which yields an extra long 1700 foot roll. Please note: all rolls are 5lbs. and that heavier gauges yield a somewhat shorter roll.
All of our premium foil is a “soft foil” which is more malleable and most appropriate for hair highlighting.

  Note: as of 1/1/13 due to the rising cost of metals worldwide; ourfoil roll price will modestly increase 9% to $47.90

 Extra long foiling comb: $5.00 (Our Original Fast Foiling comb)

Stainless Steel roll-about cart: $150.00 (sold seperately)

Standard Mixing Bowls: $1.50 ea. (when purchased for our system)

Stainless steel bowl (for PRO only): 15.50 ea.

All prices shown are in US Dollars and do not include shipping.

fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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