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Questions & Answers about the FastFoiling System:

 1. Q: What is my “real” cost of foil if I use your foil?
       A:  $1.62 per full foiling. If you’d like to see our calculations? Please click here
       (Note: We assume you buy two of our Premium Light 1700’ rolls at a time.)

2. Q: I just  want a pull and tear foil dispenser; how does the PRO system  fit me?
     A:  If you simply want the convenience of a pull and tear dispenser; then please take a look
           at our most Basic dispenser.  While not as fancy; it does allow for using our patented
           one handed method should you wish to learn it. BUT if your main goal is saving
           time, money, and or mixing bowls located in a great location; you’d want our
           PRO dispenser.  Not sure about trying the PRO? We have a great guarantee!

3. Q: Can I use rolled foil from other vendors in your dispensers?
     A: Our high quality foil is rolled specially for our dispensers; you will likely have problems
         with foil from other sources. We advise against it.

4. Q: I love your foil! Can we use your foil in other (non-FastFoiling) dispensers?
     A:  While our foil may fit non-FastFoiling dispensers; again we note that our foil is rolled
           specially for us and may not fit another outfit’s dispenserl.
           Please ask us about our dispenser upgrade program!

5. Q: Is the cart part of the system and do I need the cart?
     A: No, the cart is not a part of the foiling system and is not required.  The cart nicely
           compliments the system, both in making storage simple and in the professional look
           of the system.  If you do lot of foiling and have shelf/bench space where  you plan to
           permanently setup our PRO dispenser then you certainly don’t need the cart.
           We should note that the Basic dispenser; it is not for use with the cart.
           We found that our customers who were short on storage space and did not have a
           good place to set up the dispenser, loved this cart for it’s ability to hide in a corner
           and it’s professional look.

6. Q: Is the FastFoiling System right for everyone?
     A:  No. The FastFoiling system is targeted mainly towards those who do a lot of
           foiling; and or towards shops that have no prep person!
           If you do very little foiling, say three foils a week,  and you have a prep person, then
           boxed foil may be a better fit for you.

           If you have no prep person and only used it as a pull and tear dispenser,
           then either of our dispensers might still be worth your while as they essentially
         eliminate prep time and stacks of foil... also in that case you still might find the
         mixing bowl setup on the PRO system is still helpful to you! To this end since we give
         such a great guarantee on our dispensers; if you are going to try one, we invite you to
         try our best! The PRO dispenser! We are confident you’ll love it!

         For comparison:
           A single roll of our premium light foil has roughly the same foiling capacity as two
           boxes of 500 sheets per box of light boxed foil.

7. Q: I’m having trouble learning your one handed method, can you help me?
     A: We’ll sure try!  We are planning to have a short video available in the April/May time
           frame, both by DVD and  available online here on our site that may help you.
         A link will be posted here when we have it.
           If you are stuck on something though, please give us a call as we may be able to
           walk you through it on the phone. We are a small shop in New England and typically
           are “on the road” Wed-Sat. If you miss us, leave us a message and we’ll get back to
           you and setup a time. We currently do make trips throughout most of New England.
           If you are in New England, or plan to be, let us know! 
         We’ll try to schedule a visit to help you!

8. Q: We just got a roll of foil and it is “sticking” what’s wrong?
     A: There are two possibilities we can think of:
         a.  Check the roll for damage in shipping.  If there is call us!
         b. If you received the roll in extremely cold weather; you should allow the roll
             time to reach room temperature prior to opening it to avoid condensation.
         c.  If neither a or b (above) applies; give us a call!

9. Q: The brush on my dispenser curled up what can I do about it?
     A:  This usually indicates that the brush is pressing too tightly against the foil. It should
         be pressing lightly on the foil. Usually you can turn the brush around and re-adjust for
         the correct tensioning and this will fix it. Alternatively the brush is a replaceable part.
         The brush should be adjusted so that it is always pressing lightly against the foil.

We will always try and help you with a problem if at all possible!

Please feel free to E-mail or call us!

fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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