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     If you use our 5 pound 1700 foot Premium light foil (by the way it is most of our
       customer’s preferred foil)
       Your cost as of this writing  Jan 2005; including shipping (to the 48 contiguous US states)
       is as about $1.62 per foil. Note our foil rolls’ shipping cost is as follows:
       (1) roll $7,  (2) rolls $10, (4) rolls $13, and (6) rolls $15.

   Using very conservative  numbers we we calculate foil cost per full foiling as follows:
       you always foiled long hair using foil lenghts of 10 inches, and that you use 75
       sheets in a full foiling:
       1700’ * 12” per foot = 20400”per roll / (75 sheets x 10” = 750”)
       So... 20400” / 750” = 27.2 full foilings per roll. 27.2 x 2 rolls = 57.4 full foilings.

       We assumed that you bought 2 rolls of our Premium Light foil at a time.
       So if you buy 2 rolls @ $39 each at a time  = $78.00 + $10.00 shipping:
       The total cost is: $88.00 / 54.4 foilings = $1.62. per foiling.
       $1.62 per customer for just the convenience of rolled foil we think is cheap.
       And if you learn our system you will save time and money!
       So using our conservative numbers and We’ll assume you charge $60.00 per full foiling;
       is it worth it to you if we can shave your foiling  time by just 20% and also leave you or
       your setup/prep person available for other duties?

     We are so confident in our product that we guarantee it!
       Please note that the above calculation shown is based on our January 1, 2005
         shipping  and pricing, and is subject to change.

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fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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