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Why use the FastFoiling System?  It saves you time!


Typical handling(1) roll FastFoiling @ $39

Typical handling (2)boxes 500 per @ $20





Open box containing our 5 pound foil roll.

Open first box of 500 light foil sheets.


Load our dispenser. (About 1 minute)

Pickup and tear sheet(s) in half.


Relax! No more prep hassles for about your next 50 foils. Note: we’ve assumed 20 full & 30 partials.

Fold and stack sheet(s).


Ready to foil.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until box is empty.


Ready to foil.

Open 2nd box of 500 sheets repeat steps 2 - 4.


Ready to foil.

Ready to foil.


Time spent prepping foil: 1 minute.

Time wasted prepping foil: 89 minutes.





Begin foiling using our patented, time saving one handed method.
Stlylist picks up sheet with comb, moving directly to the client’s head. (our first foil is on client’s head)

Begin foiling: a stylist using boxed foil typically picks up a sheet in one hand, only to transfer the sheet to the other hand in order to place it on the comb, and then moves it to the client’s head. (their first foil is on client’s head)


You’re choosing varying lengths of foil with ease as you change quadrants......... Another time saver!

Sorry, one size must fit all.


3 mixing bowls are secure, ergonomically placed, and color coded, to keep you organized. Another time saver!

Are you reaching, fumbling or tipping?


1 roll and 50 clients later...

2 boxes and 50 clients later...


  Total time Saved for 50 foils 690 minutes.
Prep time: 90 ninutes.
 Application time: 600 minutes.
We Guarantee this!

Same as always... no change.


Saving 690 minutes is 11.5 hours, How does our foil price look to you now?  Click here to see our math.

The boxed foil wasted 690 minutes (11.5 hours)





Other Benefits of our system

Other Benefits of boxed foil


No loose stacks of foil to drop or straighten.

Ever drop a stack of foil sheets?


 We will save you both time and money in short order!

Boxed foil initially costs less; but not in the end.


 Are you a Goldwell user? Let us know!
 We have a bowl attachment for you!

Boxed  foil sheets may be handled four or more times before the stylist has placed the first foil on the client!

How much time can be saved during the foiling process in 50 foilings?  ~ 11.5 hours.

Where do we get our numbers you ask? Directly from hundreds of our customers; and we used only the conservative numbers they gave us!

If a full foiling normally takes you about 1 hour then, we will save you about 12 minutes per full foiling.
If you do that 4 times; you gain 48 minutes, which is about enough time for 1 extra foiling!
We claim that it will take you 2 or 3 full foilings to become proficient with our system.
This means that those 3 plus another 16 foilings = 19 and our system has paid for itself!
3 to learn; then 16 saving 20% time allowing you to book an extra 4 last minute appointments;
With those 4 extra foilings at $70 each totaling $280. The FastFoiling system has paid for itself!
To plainly answer the question:
 For the next 50 full foilings we will save you: 12 min x 50 foils = 600 minutes which is 10 hours and the 90 minutes we saved in prep time for a Total of: 690 minutes or 11.5
Times vary per person and we’ve had from 10% to 50% reported by our clients; with the typical conservative estimate being 20%

Our Guarantee: If you’ve not read it yet please click here to do so!
 It’s unmatched in the industry!

Our light foil roll is approximately equal to 2 boxes of 500 sheets per of light foil.

     Pros and cons of the FastFoiling system for your consideration:

 The stylist can tear virtually any length he/she wants “on demand”.
 Your setup / cleanup person(s) is left free to do more usefull work!

  Local stylists who have learned our system tell us that they foil about 20% faster and
     most can’t live without it once they’ve used it.

 Our system has 3 (Pro) or 2 (Basic) mixing bowl attachments located convienently
       to hold your standard mixing bowls in place on the FastFoiling System.
       Goldwell user? Let us know! We now have a bowl attachment for you also!
 Ever have a stack of foil blow off your bench or cart?
Rolled foil will not do that!    
 Need space? Rolled foil takes up less storage space.

  Our customers think the FastFoiling System is cool; they find their clients watching
     them foil!   Coolness factor??
We didn’t plan that, but we love it, as do the salons!

 The FastFoiling system was designed for both LEFT and RIGHT handed users!

  Finally: note the small footprint of our PRO foil dispenser. Salons here like that, and
     speaking of small footprint; check out our stainless steel cart! It’s been a big hit also
     due to the small space it takes up.  Great to roll off into a small corner when not in use.

 Okay you’ve heard us talk about some of the pros; here are some of the cons:


 Cost of foil?
Not an issue with our system.
     On top of wasting less foil, you’ll foil 20% faster with our system! We have
     clients that have told us they can take that extra phone call a day from customers who
   “need it done today”.  Three of these and the dispenser has paid for itself!
     And... your customers love ya!
 The PRO version of the FastFoil Dispenser is expensive. Like most good tools the
       initial outlay is expensive; but it will pay for itself very quickly!
       If you do a lot of foiling and learn our system; it will pay for itself  very quickly!
       Have you read our guarantee! yet?  If not please do! We back what we say!

       You will not find a better designed or made foil dispenser on the market! We’ve looked
       and have yet to find one! But if you ever should find one...
       Please let us know! We’d like to see it!
       A lot more time and work than you might think has gone into our patented design.
     On a tight budget? Check out our “Basic” or Basic Plus dispenser.

 The FastFoiling System takes time to learn. Yup! Some folks pick it up right away and
     some folks take a bit longer.  Most folks that really give it a shot, are good after one
     full foiling and very proficient after two or three full foilings.
     Occasionally we run into stylists that have trouble with it. We have a new style comb
     we are testing in DEC2004 - JAN2005 that we believe will make it even simpler and
     easier for everyone!

fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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fastfoiling Pro Foil dispenser on stainless steel cart use as pic00104

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